Firebirds Fifty years later, the Firebirds still have a hold on Pottstown

November 19th 2018 Program

Larry Cohen speaking on the inaugural 1968 season of the Pottstown Firebirds, the minor league affiliate of the Philadelphia Eagles.

A native Pottstownian, Larry has published a family history and portrait of Pottstown history, entitled Chicken Hill Chronicle. He is a member of the Pottstown Historical Society.  Near the top of the list of unique aspects of Pottstown’s past are the three seasons from 1968-1970 when the Pottstown Firebirds ruled small town professional football.

The Pottstown Historical Society’s program on November 19 will add to the knowledge and interest regarding this history. National visibility for the Firebirds reached a crescendo in January 1972 when the NFL Films pre-game show for the Super Bowl highlighted the Firebirds 1970 championship season. Entitled “Pro Football Pottstown, Pa.” the video is available on YouTube “Lost Treasures of the NFL, Vol 7.” In 1973, Jay Acton published the story of the Firebird’s first championship season (1969), The Forgettables: The Bittersweet Portrait of a Minor League Football Team in the Heartland of America. Interest in the Pottstown Firebirds is kept alive by social media and the research of several individuals. In addition to periodic reunions of team members, the Firebirds draw attention internationally from among football aficionados and Pottstown area residents. Bruno Baltazar, a young man in Texas with an interest in the team, anticipates publication in December 2018 of a book titled The Greatest Stories Never Told: Detailed Chronicles of the Pottstown Firebirds. In addition, Baltazar maintains a Firebirds Facebook page, a blog and an extensive website (

The program will be 7 pm, Monday, November 19, at the Historical Society’s headquarters 568 E. High
Street, Pottstown. Telephone: 610 970-7355. The event is open to the public with light tailgate