Congratulations Pottstown Rotary Club on your 100th Anniversary!

Several representatives of the Pottstown Historical Society Board of Directors were guests at the Pottstown Rotary Club 100th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday, February  10, 2018.

David Kerns (President), Rose Blom, Rob Evans (Vice President), Patti Derr, Jim Derr, and Laura Justiniano, were the guests of Deb Penrod (member of Pottstown Rotary Club and the Society Programs Director.). The invitations were extended in recognition of and in appreciation of the contributions the Society has made to the preservation of the historical heritage of Pottstown, as well as the specific photographic and narrative contributions made to the Rotary Club’s 100th-anniversary program.  A copy of the brief program commemorating ten decades of World, US, Pottstown, and local Rotary history will be archived at the Society.

(In the photograph, Tom Quigley, Bob Mensch & Tim Hennessey also attended the 100 Year Anniversary.)

The Society encourages contributions of information, photos, and financial support to allow us to meet our mission. The Society also encourages membership, as well as inquiries regarding specific aspects of our Pottstown history.